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Regular/Preventative Car Maintenance in Rockville, MD

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Bringing your car to your local Montgomery County mechanic every year for routine maintenance is like bringing your actual body to the doctor for an annual physical. Someone needs to take a look inside, make sure everything seems okay, and that there are no potential problems on the horizon. Many households have a family doctor because they want their loved ones in the care of a person they trust. For the past three generations, Montgomery County has trusted Snider and Company Automotive Service as their family mechanic.

While a doctor is great at performing open-heart surgery, no offense to doc, we wouldn’t want them to repair your brakes. Our ASE- certified Rockville, MD auto repair shop is a full-service garage. Over the last three decades, we have seen it all, so our staff has the experience necessary to provide your car with top-quality care. We’ll save the human surgeries for the doctors.

Stop by Snider and Company Automotive Service for all your regular and preventative car maintenance needs, including:

As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on serving generations of families in need of auto repair in Rockville, MD. Swing by any time for your regular and preventive car care, or just to say hi!

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