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Maryland State Inspection in Rockville, MD

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We have been a family-owned auto repair shop in Rockville, MD. for over 35 years. As life-long residents of the Free State, we are all-too-familiar with the state’s regulations. That’s why Snider and Company Automotive Service has been a hub for Maryland State Inspections along the Beltway for over three decades. Our ASE-certified full-service auto repair shop in Rockville, MD. is fully accredited to handle Maryland State Inspections for all cars and motorcycles.

We know inspections aren’t the happiest day in the lives of Maryland drivers. Over the years, our staff has perfected how to perform an inspection as efficiently and hassle-free as possible. Inspections can take up to an hour. However, to speed the process up, there are a few things you can bring for your Maryland State Inspection at Snider and Company Automotive Service:

  • Title of Car
  • Active Insurance Card
  • Maryland State Driver’s License
  • Notarized Bill of Sale

If you are new to Maryland, welcome to our community! We know you have a lot on your plate with unpacking, but you have sixty days to carve about an hour of your time out to get your vehicle inspected. Take a moment to book a Maryland State Inspection at Snider and Company Automotive Service during a block of time that works for you.

Conveniently schedule online today for a Maryland State Inspection in Montgomery County.

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