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Cooling System A/C Repair in Rockville, MD

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It can get pretty hot here in Rockville, Maryland during the summer months. Unless you want your leg to become one with your leather seat, it’s essential your car A/C is working to its fullest potential. At Snider and Company Automotive Service, we’ve provided cooling system and A/C repair in Rockville, MD for over three decades.

As a family-owned business, we know first-hand how crucial A/C is, especially for day trips down to Virginia Beach. While some may look at air conditioning as a convenience, it can also be a sign of more significant car issues to come. When your car air conditioner is acting faulty, refrigerant will leak. Refrigerant leaks can be catastrophic to essential parts of your car, such as the compressor.

That’s why our ASE-certified auto shop in Rockville, MD, uses the latest technology and highest-quality equipment to perform an A/C performance check.

Evac and Recharge Service in Montgomery County

Sometimes your air conditioner just needs a little recharge. When you swing by Snider and Company Automotive Service for A/C repair, we connect your A/C to a machine that vacuums up residual refrigerant and oil.

During this process, our trusted mechanics determine if there is a leak in need of more repairs. If performing evac and recharge does the trick, our ASE-certified mechanics will then refill your fluids to proper levels. Before you leave, we test the A/C system in the lot one more time to ensure manufacturer’s standards. From there, you are free to drive off--cool as cucumber and worry-free.

Conveniently schedule online today for A/C repairs and evac/recharge services in Montgomery County.

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