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Car Battery Replacement and Testing in Rockville, MD

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A car battery gives life to a vehicle. It powers everything from the car itself to the A/C unit to the beloved radio we rock out to while sitting on the 270. Batteries take quite a beating, but they’re pretty resilient. Some auto repair shops in Montgomery County may try to sell you a new battery too soon. At Snider and Company Automotive Service, we help you squeeze every last bit of juice out of a battery that you can get!

How to Tell if Your Battery is Dying?

When your battery is on its way out, it will give you a few hints along the way. You’ll notice that the engine may hesitate to turn over. Perhaps your dashboard and headlights are a bit dimmer? The moment you realize there are changes in how your car functions, be sure to stop by Snider and Company Automotive Service.

Over our 30-plus years as a family-run business, we’ve met many other families in the Montgomery County community. Like our fellow Marylanders, we too, like to stretch our dollar as far we can. We’ve earned the trust of families looking for car battery replacement in Rockville by solving problems instead of selling batteries.

Some cases, the connections are loose. Other times, battery acids have built up around the terminal. Whatever the problem is, Snider and Company Automotive Service have a solution.

Car Battery Testing in Montgomery County

To determine if you need to replace your battery, our ASE-certified mechanics will perform a quick voltage check. If your battery is holding a charge less than 12.6 volts, our specialists recommend changing your battery. At Snider and Company Automotive Service, we have a wide range of batteries that fit your commuting needs.

Upon installation, our mechanics inspect all aspects of your car’s heart, including:

  • Battery Tray
  • Bolts
  • Cables
  • Electronics
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU)

After installation, we test the battery one more time. Then you are free to go, recharged and stress-free.

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